What DPMs Track: The State of Data and Project Management
Bureau of Digital & 10,000ft Survey
Project Managers are the unsung heroes of the creative world. While designers, developers, and writers are often the ones outputting innovation, it’s PMs who are in the background, methodically orchestrating all the nitty gritty aspects of the process and herding cats to make sure that the work comes in on time and on budget. As more and more tracking tools pop up and spreadsheets get more complex, it can be overwhelming to know what to do with all the data.  

So, what should you be measuring? How do you avoid getting into the weeds so you can focus on only tracking the things that truly matter? How do your benchmarks stack up against other PMs?  

This survey is laying the groundwork for a report that will be launched at the DPM Summit in October in partnership with 10,000ft. We’ll gather the responses and share interesting insights, benchmarks, and common goals to help you understand what you should be tracking, what you shouldn’t be tracking, where you’re doing well, and where you can improve.  

All responses will be anonymized for the report.

We estimate this survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.
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How many full-time employees are in your company? *

How many Project Managers does your company have? *

When it comes to tracking, assessing and acting upon the operating metrics of your organization, what do you see as your most significant challenges?

What would make it easier for you to get on the data you need?

How transparent is your organization when it comes to sharing data internally?

As a PM, which of the following metrics are you tracking and how often are you expected to report them to your company’s stakeholders?

Project budget status

Actual hours worked vs. planned hours

Project deliverable status (which work items are completed, in progress, upcoming, etc.)

Individual project timelines (upcoming milestones, start dates, ends dates, etc.)

Timeline and schedule across portfolio (which projects are in flight, how their timelines affect other projects, which projects are in the pipeline, etc.)

Resourcing plan (who's working on which projects and for how long)

Utilization rates (compared to target)

Employee cost vs. bill rate

% project complete and how projects are tracking against their deadlines

Project profit margin (% of income minus cost)

Project revenue

Team feedback (if they’re happy with the client/stakeholders, the project work, etc.)

Client/stakeholder satisfaction (how happy they are with the work so far)

Timesheet compliance status (who has/hasn't submitted their hours)

Is there data you’re not tracking, but want to be? If so, what?

Is there data you’re tracking, but don’t know how to act on? If so, what?

Is there data you’re tracking that you do not find valuable? If so, what?

When you’re stretched for time, what’s your highest priority activity?

When you’re stretched for time, what’s the first activity you drop?

How would you classify your organization type? *

As a PM, are you responsible for reporting budget progress to clients?

Which of the following metrics do you share with your clients?

How often are you expected to share status updates with your clients?

Who at your company is responsible for communicating this to your clients?

What is your company’s utilization target for billable full-time employees?

What is your company’s average project profit margin?

What percentage of projects typically come in at or under budget?

How often are you expected to share status updates with your team internally?

How often do you update project plans?

Which parts of your role as a PM would you like to see become more automated in the future?

Where would you like to see Project Management headed in the future?

What are the biggest changes in project management that you've seen over that last 5 years?

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this survey!

We're excited to share your responses in a BOD + 10,000ft Report this October at the DPM Summit in Las Vegas.

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